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  • Defeat zombies by throwing anything and everything at them!!
    There’s nowhere to run... and nowhere to hide.
    Zombies are already at your doorstep, and climbing through your windows!
    Throw all kinds of objects to defeat all the zombies!

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  • One day, Bethesda picked up a strange, low frequency nearby. Shortly after,
    Bethesda’s communication with the home base is lost...
    The land-based headquarters decides to dispatch a rescue team to the Bethesda base.
    Code name: Operation Under Water! Complete your missions, and defeated an
    ever-growing horde of sea monsters!

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  • Have you heard of the "Three Little Pigs" fairy tales? Actually, that’s not how the
    story went .
    In fact, it was The Three Pigs who destroyed the Wolves’ home, and invaded their land.
    The Wolf Tribes, known as the Guardians of Nature, fought valiantly against the Pig
    Brothers' gang, but were eventually wiped out...
    With the help of a new bionic arm installed by Dr. Bacon, It is up to “Ron”, the last
    surviving wolf warrior, to avenge his fallen wolf clan...

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  • Joon-ho Bong is a young entrepreneur who came to the United States to pursue the
    American Dream. While starting his own business, he loses all his savings in a big scam...
    His only possessions now are a shabby food truck, and a ‘Bung-eo-bbang’ mold.
    Yet, Joon-ho does not give up!
    With dreams of entrepreneurial sucess in his mind, Joon-ho starts a Bungeoppang business...
    Can Joon-ho make it big?

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  • Suddenly, the owner of the baseball stadium says, “If your ‘special brew’ beer is
    indeed selling as much as you suggest”, I will make you the sole beer vendor in the
    entire stadium!
    However, shrewd competitors are interfering with your beer sales to take away your tile...
    Will you able to defeat your rivals and continue your monopoly?