Original Text : (20.05.11)※There are already plenty of zombie games on VR, but Throw Anything is something a little bit different. There are no scary moments in d..
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Geek Review: Throw Anything (PS VR)
Original Text : (20.07.16)※The realm of virtual reality has allowed us to get closer to experiencing things that were once far out of reach, as consumers now have opportunit..
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Análisis de Wolf & Pigs ··· Desconsolados
Original Text : (20.05.12)※Todos conocemos el cuento de Los Tres Cerditos: el malvado Lobo Feroz sopló y sopló, hasta que las casas de los cerditos derribó. Todo ..
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Wolf & Pigs: ANÁLISIS
Original Text :※Los tres cerditos creyeron haber acabado con el lobo, pero Wolf ha vuelto dispuesto a cobrarse su venganza en esta ensalada de tiros..
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Wolf and Pigs - THE VR GRID
Original text : (20.05.27)※You know that classic tale of the 3 little pigs where the wolf gets his comeuppance after harassing those little pigs. Well, in Wolf and Pigs that story has been ..
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2020 Nanchang world conference on VR industry
*2020 Nanchang world conference on VR industry participate.
Visual Light2021-01-152
2020 KVRF
*2020 KVRF participate
Visual Light2021-01-151
2020 Seoul EXPO VRAR
*2020년 Seoul EXPO VRAR participate.
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2020 Indiecraft
*2020년도 Indiecraft participate.
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Visual Light2021-01-123
2019 G-star
*2019년G-star participatefrom Busan Bexco.
Visual Light2021-01-123
*2019 KVRF EXPO participate.
Visual Light2021-01-123
2019 Tokyo game show
*2019 Tokyo game show participate.
Visual Light2021-01-124
2019 Gamescom
*2019 Gamescom participatefrom Germany, Kölle
Visual Light2021-01-123
2019 Seoul International Imagination Industry Forum
*2019 Seoul International Imagination Industry Forum participatefrom Seoul DDP
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