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2021-01-25 18:06

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There are already plenty of zombie games on VR, but Throw Anything is something a little bit different. There are no scary moments in dark alleys as you fight for survival against a horde, no jump scares, and no inventory management. Instead, Throw Anything is a comedic game made of bright colours and absurd mechanics, where the zombies climb up the side of your building and you no option but to, well, throw anything at them. 

The “anything” in question refers to the objects and furniture that furnish the room you are in, everything from books, darts, and bowling balls, to baseball bats, book shelves, and sofa cushions. If you can see it, you can probably throw it, including other panicking humans in the room! 

Bigger, heavier objects are the ones to look out for as they’re quite a bit more effective at dislodging undead – a book will do very little, but a bowling ball can take out multiple enemies. Larger objects like book cases will need to be broken up first, so that you can throw individual parts down onto the ascending hordes. You can also find or purchase assault rifles and other guns, though these are best saved for the end of level bosses, huge zombies that absorb quite a lot of damage.

Gareth Chadwick